With the alder “left over” from building number 2, I thought I should make another guitar. 

Number 3 is semi acoustic, with an almost completely hollowed out alder body, curly maple neck and cocobolo fingerboard. That same piece of cocobolo ended up on Number 5

To keep the walnut top free of controls and give it a clean appearance I put the controls on the side of the body, like an acoustic. Electrics include a volume and tone (concentric pots), a five way switch (off / bridge / both / neck with capacitor / neck) and a separate volume for the LR Baggs X Bridge which gets routed to one side of the stereo output jack. I use a splitter box to send the LR Baggs piezo signal to an acoustic pedal and the other pickups to an amp. 

With flatwound strings, Number 3 has a wonderful jazz tone thanks to the Seymour Duncan ’59 (with an Alnico II magnet) in the neck, but can still rock out with the Fletcher 425 mini humbucker 

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